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Hitting sessions are structured to the students individual needs, which usually consists of correcting major flaws that are preventing consistency. In these sessions players will do tee work, soft toss, short toss, and live batting practice. In order for the students to progress, we stress the importance of practicing at home in between sessions. Students will receive a detailed, written “homework” assignment and will leave our facility clearly knowing what they need to practice in order to progress by the time of the next session together.


From learning the fundamentals and basics of pitching, from the windup and stretch, to the mental aspect of pitching. We cover proper stretching techniques and arm maintenance and injury prevention. We teach balance, grips, body timing, release points, pickoff fundamentals, fielding your position and pitch command.

Everything you need to learn to become a better pitcher is available to you at Blue Chip Baseball and Softball.

Other Fundamentals:

So many times our students don’t realize the other aspects of baseball other than hitting and pitching that will make them a better player. Infield, outfield, catching and speed and agility are some other disciplines that a complete baseball player must possess.

Team Lessons:

At our indoor facility, Buck Hall field or at your field, practice will be tailored to your team’s needs.

Notebooks will be prepared for all.

Softball Instruction:

Softball is a game filled with fun and excitement We believe in bringing a positive, energetic attitude to every lesson. We will give tactful encouragement and positive reinforcement to all of our students. We believe in building a positive personal relationship with all of our students while making them better athletes and enhancing their playing abilities.

The game of softball is always evolving. We stay current on all of the drills and teaching philosophies. We like to teach our students through hands-on activities. This way our players are more apt to understand and fix their problems. 

Speed & Agility Training:

Our sports training program is initially geared toward every athlete in every age group to ensure that their athletic potential is reached. The workouts promise to use a variety of training techniques that have been proven on numerous athletes from all professional sports. Blue Chip and Flight School have a unique blend of sport training approaches that will help any athlete give them the edge that is needed in whatever sport they play. It does this by not only pushing each athlete, but by also focusing on and teaching every athlete the fundamentals of movement. Individual deficiencies are then targeted and a specific program is developed. These programs are set up to not only be “sport specific,” but “athlete specific” for each individual. Give your child the best instruction Blue Chip Baseball today and reserve your time with Flight School's Scott Littlejohn.

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