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Blue Chip Bulls Summer Travel Teams 2019

Both 17’s
June7-9 Clemson
June 19-23 Black Bear Greenville
June 28-30 Myrtle Beach
July 12-14 USC
July 18-21 Furman
July 25-28 N Greenville Furman

June 1-2 Winthrop
June 7-9 Clemson
June 14-16 USC
June 19-23 Black Bear Greenville
July 5-11 PG Atlanta
July 18-21 Furman

June 1-2 USC Upstate
June 8-10 Davidson Wingate
June 14-16 CABA State Championship Upstate
June 28-30 USC
July 4-10 Charleston CABA
July18-21 Furman

June 1-2 Upstate
June 7-9 Upstate
June 21-23 Charleston Colleges Championship
July 12-14 Perfect Game Upstate
July 20-21 Upstate
July 27-28 Upstate

Two weekends in May
Three weekends in June
One weekend in July after July 4th



17U Blue:  Nick Miller, Jack McGregor, Cole Snyder, Trevor Kelley, Colby Loggins, Jake Davis, Mason Foy, Jake Pierce, Jake Jones, Hovey Herd, Will McClellan, Ross McCurley, Landon Smith,  Carson Smith, Jonathan Duffie

17U Black:  Jacob Peake, Braxton Reid, Jackob Jackson, Drew Parnell, Colin Sutherland, Dakota Peters, Dawson Merk, Hayden Fuhr,  Gabe LaPann, Matthew Burgess, Tyler Bryan, Davis Morris, Evan Bridges

16U:  Seth Jamison, Kennan Worley, Cameron Williams, Tyler Bolick, Casey Tallent, Gray Porter, Luke Johnson, JB Freeman, Caleb Childress, Will Dean, Rafe Maxwell, Owen Recio, Cooper Thomas, Hunter Henderson, Connor Stout

15U:  Connor Swanson, Grant O'Shields, Peyton Powell, Cooper Latimer, Carson Bacheller, Brodie Mattison, Griffon Jones, Judd Ellison, Riley Posey, Tyler Ethington, Joe Burgess, Landon Moseley, Ryan Kirby, Jack Raymark, Dillon Wilson

14U:  Cooper O'Sullivan, Duncan Beasley, Ben Stowe, Zach Stover, Chandler Roach, Dillon Roach, Collin Wendorff, Garrett Pless, Will Keener, Reece Binninger, Hayden Porter, Carson Worley, Clay Herd

Daniel Boaen, William Boaen, Tanner Lowery, Connor Brancato, JD Partain, Eli Kernaghan, Cotes Reid, JT Peeples, Tab Brock, Quincy Wilson, Ryan Stovall (adding 1 more player)

** Reminder that the other two payments to play are to be made on February 15th and April 15th. There will be no refunds of this money at any time unless a replacement is found to take your child’s spot on the team.  No one will play or practice until fully paid.  Injury refunds are described in the waiver you will sign that night.


17U Black :  Coach Seth Brizek. 

17U Blue :    Coach Blair Carson.

16U:               Coach Andy D’Alessio.

15U:               Coach Daniel Nations.

14U:               Coach Kyle Freeman. 

13U:               Coach Doug Livingston.


If you have any questions please text or call Seth Brizek at 706-436-5887.   


Seth Brizek

Blue Chip Baseball

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