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speed & agility training...

Our Mission is to provide training approaches to each athlete's sport specific demands, including but not limited to: speed and agility, power, endurance, balance, and stability, flexibility, and injury prevention. Every athlete will feel as if their expectations are exceeded.

As of Dec. 2011 - Coach Littlejohn has now moved his Speed and Agility Operations to the former Blue Chip Baseball Building which now makes us a complete training facility for Baseball, Softball, and Speed & Agility Training.

Scott Littlejohn
of Flight School Performance Training and Blue Chip Baseball have recently come Blue Chip Baseball - Speed and Agility Trainingtogether to provide you the most elite level of speed and agility training in the Upstate.  At Blue Chip we are dedicated to providing all of our students the highest level of instruction possible, and feel  our relationship with Scott will take your son or daughter to another level of athletic ability and confidence.  Call Blue Chip today to reserve your time with Scott.  He will be providing individual and group training both indoors here at Blue Chip, or outside in the open air.  Scott is a certified Nike Sparq trainer and personal trainer and has an outstanding reputation based on his commitment to his students and the results they continue to achieve.

Our sports training program is initially geared toward every athlete in every age group to ensure that their athletic potential is reached. The workouts promise to use a variety of training techniques that have been proven on numerous athletes from all professional sports. Blue Chip and Flight School have a unique blend of sport training approaches that will help any athlete give them the edge that is needed in whatever sport they play. It does this by not only pushing each athlete, but by also focusing on and teaching every athlete the fundamentals of movement. Individual deficiencies are then targeted and a specific program is developed. These programs are set up to not only be “sport specific,” but “athlete specific” for each individual. Give your child the best instruction Blue Chip Baseball today and reserve your time with Flight School's Scott Littlejohn. 

Speed Development

  • Sprint mechanics
  • Speed & Agility - Flight School at Blue Chip BaseballExplosion drills
  • Assisted Speed development
  • Resisted speed development

Quickness Development

  • Quick foot drills
  • First step
  • Starting and stopping quickness
  • Acceleration development

Agility Training

  • Change of direction
  • Balance training
  • Explosive maneuvering
  • Start and stop acceleration and explosion