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Blue Chip Baseball - News Testimonials:

   Orange and White: July 5, 2011:
      Seth Brizek's Blue Chip Baseball molding young players into future stars

   Anderson Independent Mail: July 2, 2011:  

        Former pro player Seth Brizek and his Blue Chip Baseball pave the way for many talented players


Logan played for Seth on the Bulls 18U team for 2 years. He received TOP quality coaching and instruction. Seth teaches the RIGHT way to play the game. Seth is a coach that expects his players to give him 110% every time. Playing for Seth has helped prepare Logan for college baseball. He knows that you are 30 minutes early for practice so you are on time; you always hustle and at all cost wear the right jersey to practice! If your son wants to play college baseball, getting instruction from and playing for Seth is a must. Seth has done everything in his power to help my son, and he will help your son too. When the college coaches were looking at Logan, they would call Seth, not his high school coach. Seth is respected throughout the baseball community as a coach and scout that will tell it like it is about your son. We have left college showcases and not even gotten home and Seth would call and say that one of the coaches had already called him! Thanks Seth for all you have done for Logan, you’re the best.  

The only thing that I couldn’t get Seth to do is coach my 13 year old daughters fast pitch softball team. I believe his exact words were “um……..NO!”  ….. Well. I tried.

Mike South
Father of Logan South
(Blue Chip Bulls, Augusta State Univ.)



"As a member of the Blue Chip Bulls 16U and 18U teams, Wales has been given the opportunity to develop as a player and individual. The coaching staff expects 110% from their players, and, in turn, they give 110% back. If you're willing to work hard, Blue Chip will help you succeed. Being a member of the Bulls has definitely played a significant role in helping our son achieve his athletic goals."


Greg Toney
Father of Wales Toney
(Blue Chip Bulls, Clemson Univ.)



"Blue Chip Baseball and Seth Brizek are the real deal. His teams are professional in their actions, their practice and their play. He commands excellence from all his players and expects 100% hustle in everything they do including but not limited to running on and off the field in between innings. His attention to detail with regards to play, scheduling and expectations are clear and fully understood up front. He truly loves what he does and treats every player on the Team as if they were one of his own. Simply put, if your child has promise, can play, is willing to work hard both on and off the field as well as in the classroom, then there may be a spot for him at Blue Chip. Our recommendation is without question.!!"


Rick Stanland
Father of Causey Stanland
(Blue Chip Bulls, Newberry College)



"Our experience at Blue Chip has been nothing but first class. Our son has been going there for over 5 years. The high level of professional instruction is outstanding.  Over the years our son has had multiple instructors who have helped him in all aspects of his game.  His improvement over the years has been dramatic.   As a member of the Blue Chip Bulls his knowledge of the game and the experiences during competition have molded him into a better player.  Their newly expanded facility is great not only for lessons but for also allowing a place for players to come and  work on their game of baseball in a friendly, safe environment. The clubhouse allows the young people to work independently if they don't have a lesson scheduled at that time.   We highly recommend Seth and his staff to anyone needing baseball or softball instruction.  Thanks for all you do."


David & Buffy McMann
Parents of Bryson McMann
(TL Hanna HS, Blue Chip Bulls)



"Our son has received baseball instruction from Seth at Blue Chip for the past two years.  We have been extremely pleased with Blue Chip's quality baseball instruction and atmosphere.  Seth does an excellent job of re-enforcing fundamental skills while teaching advanced skills to challenge athletes to take their game to the next level.  Seth has been instrumental in developing our son into a mature, quality baseball player.  We would highly recommend Seth and the Blue Chip staff to anyone wanting to improve their game."


Kim Cox
Mother of Bryce Cox
(5th grade)




"This is the third year our son will be playing for the Blue Chip Bulls 18U team.  He has thoroughly enjoyed his experience with the team, the players and his coach, Seth Brizek.  He has been exposed to many levels of college scouts and professional scouts.  We do believe it is because of the exposure he has received from Blue Chip and the contacts that were made on his behalf that so many of these coaches and schools were interested in him and he signed to play ball at a D1 college of his choice.  There are many travel teams around to play showcase ball with.  Our son would play for no one other than Blue Chip!  He loves it."


Mark & Dephanie Caldwell
Parents of Elliott Caldwell
(Blue Chip Bulls, Winthrop Univ.)


"My son John has been working with Seth for 5 years now and began playing with the Bulls 15U team this past fall.

Seth’s attention to detail is what really stands out to me. Seth sees the most subtle things and the level to which he can instruct, coach and correct things is impressive. He is no-nonsense in his approach while enjoying what he does. He demands hustle and maximum effort. If you are not serious about baseball, Blue Chip is not for you.

It is interesting to see how well he relates to the boys. Whether they are 12 or 18, Seth expects their best every lesson or practice. My son and the other players that Seth instructs and coaches all seem to have a high level of respect for him.

In addition,  facilities are great and we enjoy being members of the clubhouse where we can go hit regardless of what the weather is like."


Don Garrett
Father of John Garrett
(Daniel HS, Blue Chip Bulls)



Our son, Tyler, has played 2 years for the 18U Bulls team. His coaches and especially Seth, are wonderful! We especially love the way they keep you updated on what is going on. With a well-run website, facebook, and twitter account, you are always well informed. They make it so easy! Seth expects a lot out of his players, and pushes them to be the best player they can be.  He is a great guy, and coach! Our experience with Blue Chip has been wonderful and we would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their game! If you are willing to work hard, and are dedicated, they can help you get to the next level!


Karen Jackson
Mother of Tyler Jackson
(Wren HS, Blue Chip Bulls, Univ. South Carolina)



I have known and trained with Seth for over 10 years.  I began hitting with Seth when I was a sophomore in high school and I continued to hit with Seth through my seven years of professional baseball following high school.  If it weren’t for Seth, there is no way I would have made it as far as I did in baseball.  It is rare to train and work with someone that has so much knowledge and experience in the game of baseball.  Seth is the type of person that will do anything in his power to help you.  I would recommend Blue Chip for all ages and skill levels, especially for those serious about taking their game to the next level. 

The only negative thing I can say about Seth is that he will buy the same shoes as you and then say he bought them first – and you copied him.



Eddie Prasch

3rd Round Selection of Pittsburgh Pirates.  Also played for Kansas City Royals